If you are a lady, you must have probably asked yourself this question a trillion times.

Again, you wonder- Why can’t they just be faithful to their partners? Are they controlled by a spirit or worse still a demon? After several questions and much pondering, you resort to insults manufacturing and production- all men are dogs, donkeys, camels, demons, Old Nick, yada yada yada.


So, here are some of the reasons responsible for such promiscuous habit amongst men.


As women love to be appreciated and acknowledged, so do men. Only that they feel it’s unmanly to ask to be given similar attention and appreciation, hence their emotional needs get overlooked. Once an outside woman wraps him with similar appreciation and attention, his guard has effectively been let down.


It’s often too common among men to indulge in sexual infidelity because at the end of their lives, they’d be awarded a conquering trophy that exists only in their Imagination. So in desperate attempt to win this trophy, they keep wrecking a girl at a time oblivious and insensitive to her emotional well being so as to get that imaginary trophy. Similarly, some men don’t mind being sexually unfaithful so long as they win a bet made with their friend(s).


Variety, they say, is a spice of life; that shouldn’t however be extended to a marital setting. Most men, probably because of boredom, curiousity, or discontentment tend to want to sample other women aside their wives like it’s some scientific experiment. For such men, give them a thousand women and like Oliver Twist, they’ll still ask for more.


Interestingly, many men think that the more women they have sex with, the more of a man they become. This false assumption has led to many emotional implosion of so many a lady.


It’s a given that humans generally like ‘awoof’ and that includes sex, too. Seeing that such opportunity may never arise again, all marital vows made are as good as a love poem or a presidential address on new year’s day.


So, he is famous, rich handsome, hot and what nots. And he thinks the world should revolve around him which includes having extra or multiple sexual commitments. If your complete trust is in such kind of man, continuous heartbreaks would be your loyal companion.


A man that effortlessly and ‘dramalessly’ forgives her wife of sexual infidelity should be  feared. Because the next newsflash in the family would be that some woman got impregnated by him and he’s earnestly warming up to breaking all kinds of record. In his mind, he’s even things up and he could use her past sexual misadventure as an alibi to indulge in further “sexcapades.”


Some men use sexual infidelity to find an escape route out of a relationship. Since they figured the lady would get mad and then call it quits, they go ahead to force their way through the exit door by intentionally cheating their way out. Not even ‘efo riro’ (vegetable) or a love charm could stop such determined men.


Some men are so addicted to sex that you’d think they are under some witchcraft spell. Some may be, though. For such, that constant urge overpowers any will for resistance. Professional and spiritual help could be of serious help to such men.

Now that you know why men act the way they do (if you don’t know already as a lady), let’s know what you think. And for my men out there, here’s confession time, tell us which one(s) you are guilty of.