Magistrate Komba Kamanda of court #2, in Freetown has on Monday December 7, 2015 concluded that the accused Alhaji Umaru Bah has a case to answer in respect of the sum of two hundred and fifty four million leones (Le254M) which he fraudulently obtained from Cherinor S. Jahkitay and thus committed his matter to the High Court for proper trial after a successful Preliminary Investigation.


The accused (Alhaji Umaru Bah) is confronted with five counts criminal charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretences.

The Prosecution led by Sergeant 5984 Isatu Gbassay Fofana, the accused initially collected the sum of twenty million Leones (Le20M) from the complaint under the pretext of a proposed fake investment early 2014.

On the 2nd count, the prosecutor claimed that the accused took the sum total of forty million Leones (Le40M) from the said complaint around September 2014 purporting to have invested the money into a business deal which was a lie.

“In count three and four the accused received the sum of eighty million Leones (Le80M) from the complaint and on the 5th count between January to March 2015 swindled the sum of hundred and twelve million Leones (Le112M) from the same person” the prosecutor alleged.

In his ruling Magistrate Kamanda reminded the court that the accused was arraigned before him on five counts of obtaining money by false pretences. He noted that the prosecution relied on the evidence of five witnesses.

He said in the testimony of the first prosecution witness (PW1) who happened to be the complaint explained the entirety of the fraudulent transactions.

Kamanda said the Victim informed the court that the accused lied to him on several occasion that he was involved in a trade with Africa Minerals Sierra Limited (AML) as supplier which prompted him to give the monies the accused requested more so when the accused was his former “Alfa” (Karamokor).

“The accused also lied to the complaint that he has the sum of eight hundred million Leones (Le800M) at the Bank of Sierra Leone and when it was cross checked, it was a big lie.

Therefore, the conduct of the accused shows that he is a complete 419er” Kamanda maintained.

When he asked the accused whether he wish to testify in the High Court, he said, he has nothing to explain because he is not guilty of all the allegations levied against him and has no witness to call.

He concluded that considering the nature of the charges including the evidence the accused is to be remanded in custody pending trial in the High Court.

He said if he release the accused he will be a danger in society.