Alie Kabba, A leading contender for the leadership of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) has been arrested today in Freetown.


Sierraloaded gathered from reliable sources that Alie was formally arrested by the Police for refusing to honour several police Invitations for questioning over allegations that he committed Bigamy in Sierra Leone in August 2013.

It was gathered that Since 2013, Alie Kabba has been on the run and his social media team has always maintained that he has no questions to answer.

“Alie is a Muslim which qualifies him to marry at most 4 wives.”, His aides were quoted to have said.


However, Comrade Alie Kabba has signed the Registry Register 3 times and has never respected any one of them.

“He dumped his first wife with a 17yr old boy. He has not been in talking terms ever since. It was Diana that brought the boy home and prevailed on Alie to support the boy. The 2nd wife also has two kids. She has also been dumped with her kids. She is there struggling with the kids… and waiting for a divorce..”, the Source narrated.

The most interesting drama here is that these 3 women are in good talking terms. and they have all realized that Alie Kabba is a deceitful husband.