One Sheku Deen Yansanneh of Levuma Beach Road in Freetown, who report states is the younger brother of the National Secretary General of the governing All People’s Congress (APC), is on the run after allegedly selling one and half town lots to one Lady Onebunne nee Kamara for a mouth-watering sum, knowing that the land was not his.


According to Lady Onebunne, the land which the fugitive sold to her is situated at Levuma Beach Road between Juba Barracks and Gbendembu towards Goderich three years ago.

The lady explained that after she had bought the land from Sheku Deen Yansanneh, she developed it and used half town lot to erect a structure on it, adding that the total sum of money she spent on buying the land, developing it and constructing a house on it was Le70 million.

The young lady explained that she at home when she received a letter from Victor and Victoria of Circular Road claiming that the land she had bought from Sheku Deen Yansanneh belonged to them.

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She added that when she approached Yansanneh on the issue, he conceded that the land he sold to her was not his, but he made an undertaken to refund the Le70 million to her within a given time.

Onebunne said her Lawyer, Bobor Kabba Esq. called Yansanneh to make an undertaken to refund the Le70 million in three months’ time which he promised to do, adding that it was based on that understanding that she decided to move from house she had erected on the land but after Victor and Victoria had sold the remaining one town lot.

She furthered that Yansanneh reneged on his promise to pay the money and Lawyer Bobor Kabba took the matter to court, noting that Yansanneh failed to appear in court and subsequently, a warrant of arrest was issued by Court No. 2 at Pademba Road on 5th May, 2014. Since then, the police have been hunting for him but to no avail.

Onebunne alleged that Yansanneh has been calling her on phone threatening and bragging that nothing would happen to him since his elder brother is a key stakeholder in the APC Government and would free him from any trouble.

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She disclosed that she had reported the matter to his elder brother Alhaji Osman Foday Yansanneh at his UN Drive residence off Wilkinson Road.

Onebunne quoted the Ambassador as saying that he would not take responsibility of his younger brother’s financial obligation and that he would not want to run into any problem with Lawyer Bobor Kabba who he said was their APC Lawyer. As at time of this report, Sheku Deen Yansanneh was still on the run as the man-haunt for him continues unabated.