It is obvious to say what goes round comes around against EBK and that history will repeat itself in Sierra Leone as the constitutional court case against the dictator has hang his presidential powers and his final term in a balance.
Those following development and the political uprising of President Koroma will tell you that the submission made by Lawyer C F Margai is a final step to nail president Koroma for his constitutional abuse and that the Elected Vice President has done the right thing to reveal the dictatorship of King Ernest Bai Koroma by bringing CF as his lead counsel.
As a well charged and seasoned legal mind of the nation, Charles has replaced Jenkins with much zeal and straight forwardness in that matter. CF on the 16 June in the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone hearing did brilliant submission with ten serious points to unearth the constitutional crisis engineered by the dictator. He also like in the first appearance on the 6 June fell heavily on the government for not only their constitutional abuse but also for their unprofessional legal calculation by hiring a barrister who is not qualify to represent the Attorney General who is shamefully in that court as a defendant and lay man. Charles questioned the legal basis for the government legal representative because as a serious minded lawyer, he knows fully the extent and unconstitutionality and or legality of people’s action and issues in such court. He has submitted a motion against the legality of the government’s legal representative sending more disgrace to this government ability to observe the rule of law and also sent a chilling message to incompetent and inconsistent legal representative Charles hope to lecture in this legal wrangling. To teach APC lesson for fanning dictatorship, CF has asked for more time to exercise the power of production( production of evidence) and the power of persuasion( accurate and concurrent legal argument ) to silent the dictator and restore the confidence in the judiciary and respect for rule of law.

In recent past or if one will ask why Charles is now EBK waterloo, it is clear that the political life in EBK today was possible only by the legal ability of CF who was the legal representative for EBK when he succeeded back in 2006 with out of court settlement which AUTHOMATICALLY made EBK the standard bearer of the APC Party and subsequently president t Sierra Lone. But to know how dictatorship works well, this same legal savior of EBK was detained and molested by the police back in 2013. Charles was peeved and then thought he could do nothing but to accept the work of the powers that be. He was in this silence when VP Sumana made that wise decision to slain the dictator with the same legal weapon that brought him to power. SO we can say, he used his dictatorship hand to disgrace his moral (legal) gurantor back in 2006. Charles changed our political dimension then by saving EBK and we saw APC in power after long years in the political wilderness.

President Koroma also left or is also noted for using and dumping people who worked for his success . A classical example of such is David Tam Bayoh aka monologue who used his media tycoon position and knowledge to promote EBK . EBK THANK Monologue with the Public Health State of Emergency fever keeping Tam at Pademba Road for 11 days and only released him after “mek wi beg de pa” dictatorship slogan was heard and over heard. The truth is even as I write, Tam’s passport is in the hands of the police for what only the powers that be can justifies.

The Elected VP Chief Sam Sumana who the whole world now knows was EBK financial guarantor in 2006 when the APC was broke monetarily receives his own package with sacking . It was this Chief who blew some financial confidence and life in to EBK to see State House. But as it is always true that power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely, EBK instead of been grateful to the blessed Sam Sumana, he and his henchmen and women lied on him and oust him out of the party he had scarified for. He was accused of so many things including thuggery which is the greatest dishonesty of the APC cabal. If we may ask these questions; if you say Sam was violence, who is instituting violence at the outside of the court when the case is been argued? who owns or operates Leader Booth and who is responsible for all the violence that has come to defined APC today?…………..

But as it is always the case, EBK has gone out of luck and CF Margai is expected to change the political system again after 8 years by fighting out the dictator through the same court that made this dictator. Its Sumana’s time to benefit from the good legal hand of CF who is sure according legal luminaries to expose to the court the unconstitutional nature of EBK. He is going to be the first leader in Sierra Leone to be impeached and Chief Sam Sumana’s support is building by the day. After the case, VP WILL BE MORE ROBUST AND APPRECIATED in the politics of Sierra Leone still making him the favorite for the Presidency by any political arrangement or association.

PRINCE MONDEHMAN- My singular keen observation of the unfolding constitutional crisis in Sierra Leone and the smart history of Africa’s latest dictator

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