The Life of Abass Koroma, a two year old boy who from birth is battling with cancer on his right eye is in danger. The situation has rendered him almost blind because his parents cannot afford the medical bill abroad.

Abass Koroma

Isatu Kalokoh, mother of Abass Koroma presently resides at 61A Kissy Bye Road Shell in Freetown is calling of philanthropists or humanitarian organizations to save her son from untimely death.

In exclusive interview with The New Citizen on 2nd December 2015 at her 61A Kissy Bye Pass Road, Isatu said just after given birth to Abass Koroma she noticed some brown particles in his eyes but by then nobody took it serious until after five months when Abass Koroma started experiencing pain in his eyes.

Isatu Kalokoh said since that period her son has been in persistent pain in his rights eye which prompted her to seek medical attention at the Mabesenneh hospital in Lunsar. Unfortunately Doctors at the hospital could not rightly identify the type of ailment. The Doctor only gave proscription for a swollen eye. The swollen reduced drastically after administering the treatment but just after the last dosage it got worsen again.

In August 2015 she decided to seek she son’s medication at the UMC Eye Hospital in Kissy where the Doctor ordered that a scan be conducted on the eye which result proved that the boy is suffering from cancer in the eye.

She was referred again to Dr. Bambay Bayoh at Cottage Hospital, Fourah Bay Road who later referred her to Sight Savers, at the Connaught Hospital for further diagnosis.

At the moment, no Doctor could identify the specific ailment of the two year boy which has kept the family worried, the reason they are appealing to government philanthropists and humanitarian organizations to save the life of their son child.