Honourable Diana Konomanyi is one of the members in the popular SIERRA LEONE ISSUES Whatsapp group.

Diana Konomanyi

Last evening, she sent a complaint against other members in that noble group. There is a very interesting aspect in Diana Konomanyi’s complaint reproduced verbatim below.

Read her words of complaint…


Hi Admin,

I think the insults against me in this your group is now going tooooooo far. You really need to do something against Anna Moussa and Misheal Kallon.

I had never been married in my life and it is not out of lack of marriage proposals. I have been Single and never married until I agreed to marry Alie Kabba when he proposed to me in the year 2013.

Alie Kabba presented himself as Divorced from his two previous marriages. After I found out he tricked me into marriage, I let him know I will sue him for Bigamy.

It was immediately he learnt that I am determined to teach him a lesson on how to respect women that he suddenly joined the SLPP and is now a “presidential aspirant”. When he married me in 2013, he was not SLPP but spoke glowingly at our wedding of how he will stand to support me and my party, the APC. It is all on video.

How come as soon as I let him know he will be charged for Bigamy, he suddenly is an SLPP member, is very interesting.

And I did not divorce him – as a Bigamous marriage can not end in a Divorce but in Annulment.

I went for something quite different from divorce. I petitioned for a Nullification and it was granted to me by the High Court earlier this year. The marriage was a sham and was nullified on grounds of deceit and dishonest representation by Mr. Alie Kabba.

Mr. Alie Kabba was not victimized in any shape or form. He was treated with respect by the Sierra Leone Police. His detention is because he refused all the numerous polite invitations for questioning and the Police had credible and grave suspicions that he will flee the country. This man was in the country freely walking around and holding meetings.

After he received Police Invitation to report for questioning, he went on radio the next morning to grant sensational radio interview so as to make it appear his wanted for questioning by police is connected to his radio interview. It is the same way he has rushed into joining SLPP to make it appear his Bigamy case is political in nature.

What makes it however very painful to me is to see the language and insults I am facing from the SLPP for merely standing up for my rights as a woman.

SLPP members should know that I am a Woman entitled to my Rights under the Law. Is this not the same SLPP which in the year 2007 under late President Kabbah, worked with our APC Leader as the then Opposition Leader to strengthen the seriousness of the crime of Bigamy by enacting the Customary Marriage Act?

Why is SLPP now condoning Bigamy? Infact when exactly did Alie Kabba join the SLPP? When?

If ever Alie Kabba was SLPP, he never made it known to me or my Father, my God parents, my family or my friends and political associates. He told all of them that he was not a politician and that he was here to support me. This all, I have on video.

I don’t want people to think that am fighting him for politics. This is what he has succeeded to mislead the SLPP to do but they will eventually understand by the special grace of God that I am entitled to my rights.

The decent SLPP members will look at the whole saga critically. They will look at the timelines and those with a conscience will see the truth that Alie turned into SLPP Politician to save himself from Bigamy case. You just need to check as to when did Alie approach the SLPP to join them? Was it before or after he came to commit Bigamy in August 2013?

The insults from SLPP members in this your group, is just too much.

Please Admin, take action against these SLPP members very nasty attacks on me or else remove me from this group.

Thank you
Diana Konomanyi.