Ramatulai Shaban Jalloh has been convicted by Justice Sam Margai of the Freetown High Court and she is due to be sentenced on Monday 7th December 2015 for criminally obtaining monies from 19 people amounting to seventy-five million six hundred and fifty thousand Leones by falsely purporting that she is an employee at the American Embassy in Freetown and that she will facilitate overseas travelling visa for resettlement of those people to the United States of America knowing fully well to be fake and false.

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The convicted accused is charged with nineteen counts of obtaining money by false pretenses.

According to the State Prosecutor Lawyer Ahmed G. M. Bockarie Esq. the convict Ramatulai Shaban Jalloh under false pretences on diverse dates early 2011 in Freetown collected the above sum from the 19 complaints by faking them that she was going to help in facilitating their traveling processes to America which was fake.

Pleading on behalf of the convicted accused, the defense counsel Ishmael Philip Mammie said the convict is humbly and graciously asking the court to tamper Justice with mercy.

He added that his client is remorseful with regards to her conduct and that’s the very essence of changing her plea from not guilty to guilty.

“At some stage of this trial the accused exhibited signs of pity and regret for the people she had offended. She acknowledged the pains the complaints are going through”, said Lawyer Mammie.

He informed the judge that the convict had already served her sentence considering the period she had spent in detention and crave the indulgence of the judge to consider very seriously the period his client has taken behind bars when passing sentence on his client.

He said she is a first time offender and assured the court that she will not commit the said crime again.

“My Lord, she had children and ever since she was arrested and charged to court in 2011, she had being incarcerated at the female prison and her kids had not been taken care off” Lawyer Mammie stated.

He reiterated that defending the accused is not an endorsement of her action.

After listening to Lawyer Mammie’s plea of mitigation Justice Sam Margai informed the court that the matter had to be adjourned for the State prosecution to address the court on the punishment the convicted accused is to have.

Meanwhile, she was take back to custody at the female correctional Centre former special court complex in Freetown and her matter adjourned to Monday 7th December 2015 pending sentence.