Editors used to warn journalists that they could find themselves in trouble for reporting that a ‘big man’had slept through a important meeting.

However; everyone in sierra leone now is a ‘journalist’ with a cell phone camerea the sight of ‘dosing’ politicians is no more a hidden secret.
Also over the years, journalists have become more daring to take photos as sleepy ‘big men’ dozing off and even in heavy sleep during live meetings.

Several time now, the rejected UN errand boy Kandeh Yumkeleh of the KKYM in Sierra Leone, has become the butt of jokes in the social media after the cameras caught him, red handed dozing off, during his campaigns.


One social media commentator jibed: ‘What is KKY doing in Salone sef?

It’s seems the guy have lost sense of time and focus’.

Some people are saying KKY is another sleeping ‘big man, who falls asleep in many of the public functions he attend.

Source: Makoni Times