Yesterday 25/07/2019, conversation transpired between Sylvia Blyden and Baraytay on the issue of how the JuJu men hired to kill President Bio failed in their duty.

In their conversations, Sylvia Blyden categorically told Baraytay that she (Sylvia Blyden) does not believe in JuJu men as they sometimes fail people.

In his response, Baraytay confirmed that the death of Moseray Fadika was the handwork of the APC and that he believes these JuJu men hired by the APC to kill President Bio will surely succeed.

Sylvia Blyden further told Baraytay that, Fadika was greatly involved in masquerade (debul) business that was why it was easy for the APC to kill him but this is not the case with Maada Bio.

Maada Bio is strongly surrounded by spiritual men who are on the rampage of praying for him and the country on a daily basis.

Baraytay further reacted to Sylvia Blyden saying that and I quote, ‘Maada e cup go full’.

The triumphant entry of Maada Bio in Freetown was also acknowledged by Sylvia Blyden.

The conversation ended by asking a question on what will be the way forward?

Attached below is the WhatsApp conversation between Sylvia Blyden and Baraytay πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸ½