December, 2015 has seen the emergence of another strong contender in the race for the Sierra Leone People’s Party 2018 flag bearership.

Munda Rogers

This contender is considered by most as the Eagle, the man of the people, the voice of the voiceless, the strength of the weak, the hope of the hopeless, the dream accomplisher, etc.

The man I am talking about here is MUNDA EMANNUEL ROGERS. Even though Mr. Rogers has not yet formally declared in Sierra Leone, he has undertaken a consultative tour several times across the country prior to now.

In his covert tour upcountry, he was able to get an affirmative response for the SLPP flag bearer position and eventually the presidency of the country.

Having successfully done that in the country as a whole, he then decided to go on tour in the United States of America to meet his other family members, friends and Sierra Leoneans in general and to test his strength for the race.

Mr. Rogers departed the shores of Sierra Leone on Wednesday, 11th November, 2015. Since then, he has visited Sierra Leoneans in general and party executives and supporters in Philadelphia, Houston, Texas, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, paying courtesy calls on them and telling them his intention of contesting for the SLPP flag bearer position and eventually the presidency of Sierra Leone.

Prominent among those visitations was the one he made to members of TEGLOMA in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, Mr. Rogers met with the SLPP Delaware Chapter on the 15th November, 2015 and had a meeting with them.

In the meeting with the Philadelphia people, he told the Sierra Leonean community that he was contesting for the SLPP flag bearer position and needed their support.

Mr. Rogers called on all Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora to throw their weight behind him because he thinks he has all what it takes a man to deliver his people from the current suffering, economic squalor, and political cataclysm back home.

He substantiated his point by bringing out some tangible reasons why people should consider him as the man to take the party to State House in the next general elections.

One of the reasons forwarded by Mr. Rogers was that, he is a patriotic Sierra Leonean.

He said being a Sierra Leonean alone is not enough to give him the trust to lead the party and the country as a whole, but as a patriotic Sierra Leonean who can put the interest of his country first, has affection for his countrymen, feels the cry of the poor man, one who can give justice to those whom justice is due, he is the right man.

He went on to say that he has spent a greater part of his life in the country of his birth.

That is to say, he has stayed, lived, slept, and ate with the poor and rich, old and young, strong and weak.

In essence, he said that if there is anyone that will know the problems of Sierra Leoneans and have the capacity to solve them, then that will be him.

The second reason he proffered for people to see him as the one who has the wherewithal to take the party to State House, is that he was born and bred in the SLPP amidst hard times in opposition during the APC one party era.

He said he and his family have always been SLPP and that he is acknowledged by the party as a registered Chief Patron who pays his contribution daily.

He said even though he had never held an executive position in the party except now that he is vying to become flag bearer, his financial, social and moral contributions and sacrifices for the growth of the party remain unrivalled.

He said people should consider him for the position because he has vast knowledge about the party’s ideology and is also aware of its shortcomings.

The third reason he gave why people should repose confidence in him to lead the party to State House is that he has contributed immensely to the development of this country while he was serving as a public officer.

To give pointer to this, as Director General of SLRA between 2008 and 2013, he coordinated the largest road infrastructural development in the history of Sierra Leone – the Hill Cut Road, Hill Side Bye Pass Road, F.B.C Road, Lumley-Tokeh Road, Masiaka-Bo Highway, to name a few.

He as well attracted a lot of donors during that period and was a signatory to almost all the major roads construction within the country.

While he was Director General, the Ministry of Works was awarded best ministry in 2012.

The fourth reason he gave was that even though he hails from Southern Sierra Leone, his candidature cuts right across the country.

That is to say he worked in all the regions and at the time was able to interact with almost all the tribes in this country.

In his interaction with those he worked with both as co-workers and community people; he helped them change their lives.

He said another reason why people should give him their support to lead the party is that he believes in equality for all Sierra Leoneans.

He said he believed that all Sierra Leoneans are equal and are the same; irrespective of ethnicity, sex, region.

He therefore said that equality, love and reverence for one another should pervade our daily undertakings.

He said he is the man that believes in a level playing ground in anything he does; the sort of person that can make way for young people where there seems to be no way.

He said he manifested this at the time he was Director General of SLRA when he trained most of the young graduates and personnel at the institution in the field of engineering.

He ended his address to the Philadelphia SLPP Chapter by stating that through him, SLPP can again get cohesion and a smooth working relationship among all stakeholders and the entire membership.

He assured that the aspirants will all remain together from now on till even after the convention.

The Philadelphia SLPP chapter and other Sierra Leoneans present at the event gave Mr Rogers a standing ovation and pledge their full support to him.