Unfounded Rumors are making the rounds that the Local Govt Minister Hon Diana Finda Konomayie lost her handbag on Sunday.
After the Expulsion and sacking of ex vp sam Sumana, it was wildly believed that the ruling apc party has LOST KONO DISTRICT.

It was rumored that Lady Diana Konomayie cannot brave it to Kono as the people are vex.


Thousands of people lined up the main roads leading to the heart of Koidu City to welcome the Local Govt Minister on the Official Launching Ceremony of KonAC.

For those who taught sam Sumana was the symbol of apc in kono were disappointed as multitudes of apc supporters came out in their numbers….including Cllor Tamba Henry Fomba (sam Sumana’s henchman).

At a very colorful and well attended Launching Ceremony the next day at the Kumba Satta Amara Hall, it was like a REUNION OF KONO FOR PROGRESS AND DEVELOPMENT.

The Launching ceremony was Chaired by Hon PC Fasuluku and the Master of Ceremony was Ambassador S E Johnny, all 14 Paramount Chiefs in attendance, all eight (8) Members of Parliament and the two main Political Parties were fully represented.

Statements after statement were made by different Stakeholders all glamorous.

The keynote address came from the Hon Local Govt Minister and Chairperson of KonAC, Lady Diana Finda Konomayie. She spoke eloquently on the need for all to embrace KonAC. She highlighted the few gains KonAC is embarked on.

She admitted that the past 7yrs lacked leadership….but it’s gonna be a different story for kono before 2018, she proudly comfirmed.

She has donated two Cold room for the Koikoyima and Gbesie markets for the preservation of fish. It will be managed by the market women and the proceeds used for micro – credit.

The team visited the Power Plant and has been confirmed that both Nimikoro and Kamaa C/dom will benefit the power supply.
The team also visited the GUICOPRESS the company doing the Koidu City roads. KonAC was very disappointed at the slow pace of work and lack of equipments.

KonAC visited both the District and City Councils. As always, the City Mayor was absent. KonAC promised to work hand in gloves with these two Councils to foster development in kono.

“Dae sorriest part as a Krio would say”….

When the ex vp sam Sumana propaganda team saw what happened in kono and the response of the people of kono, they have resorted to the 20th century witchcraft tactics.

There is a malicious tale emanating from the sam Sumana camp that Lady Diana lost her handbag on her way to church on Sunday. claiming that the said bag contains charms. That Diana would die in a week time if the bag is not found.

If u can reflect, my readers, a year ago these same people accused the Lady minister of burying a life caw with gold in its mouth in sam Sumana’s compound in kono.

Now they are back with a new tale of an handbag…..who is more fetishes than sam Sumana….who is both a Muslim and a Christian (Samuel and Sidiki)….Alhaji or Pastor.

Sam Sumana fought and lost to Diana while he was within….what more can he do when a commomer.???

Each time the Lady Minister steps off her car there is an armed guide to open and close the car door.

When will the Lady Minister die if the handbag is not found.?

Now that the handbag that sent sam Sumana fleeing to Ghana has disappeared….

When is sam Sumana coming back to the Presidency?