On may 29th 2015, president-elect mohamad buhari is to be sworn – in as president of federal republic of nigeria.

Through diplomatic means, sierra leone was invited through the foreign ministry. President koroma declined to go as the relationship between freetown and abuja has been luke warmed since the sacking of dr. Richard conteh, as chief of staff. .. Which has also been heightened after the unconstitutional removal of vp samsumana.

When the nigerian high commission in freetown forwaded the delegates list to abuja last week, officials in aso rock in abuja have replied the sierra leone foreign ministry that they wish “to suggest that mr. Victor bockarie foh be replaced by any other high ranking government official..until after the out come of the ongoing supreme court hearing.”

So, ebk is planing to send sierra leone ‘ s high commissioner to the gambia to attend.

What a shame, mr president of sierra leone, bai bai koroma !!