“… African leaders and Heads of States see polygamy as a clean factor of satisfying their sexual addictions with young girls and women of all shapes,sizes and characters. 90 % of past and present Presidents in Africa have always been living dubious erotic ACTIVITIES and cheating on their legally married wives.

The new Statehouse leak in Sierra Leone reveals INFORMATION on the dubious ACTIVITIES of the current sitting President for the misusing of his executive powers in having extra marital affairs with many young women within and without his official environment. Some of these ladies have become great beneficiaries of state funds and contracts. There are no doubts that some of these women received hundreds of thousands of US dollars from the misappropriated Ebola funds.

APART from the first LADY, Sia Nyama Koroma, there are other unofficial first ladies who are CONTINUOUSLY making the President much more stronger than “King Solomon” in his daily ACTIVITIES.

Here is the LIST of President Ernest Koroma´s concubines in question:-

Ramatu Kargbo = SAT Koroma’s granddaughter

Neneh Bah = Minkailu Bah’s daughter

Sophie Taylor Kamara = awarded the solar light contracts

Isatu Karim = former Minister Harie Will’s wife (oil block). This older lady girlfriend for EBK has just finished her house at the junction of Wilberforce and Hillcut Road. She is doing her normal business and meets with the “World´s Best” every Saturday afternoon.

Miss Timbo = Justice Timbo´s daughter. The 23 year old girl friend of EBK, using the state telephone NUMBER030112233 given to her by EBK as a personal number, is different from Rugiatu kamara. Miss Timbo is building a three storey building at hill station after the president had finished building a house for the mother of the young lady in Calaba Town.

One Isata = family owns hill valley HOTEL

Isata Kabia = M P Marampa ( Lunsar)

Bernadette Lahai = minority leader

Jatu Jalloh = EPA

Rugiatu Kamara.-Mother of 2 kids for EBK, the business woman who owns contracts at Connaught Hospital and Pademba Road Prisons.

Diana Konomanyi

Sylvia Blyden.

Many Konos are dissatisfied with the activities of their son-in-law President who is only using the official first lady as a rubber stamp and carrying out his clandestine love affairs. There is fear that the first Lady is being traumatised from such unlawful affairs and has decided to keep a low PROFILE..”

( Source : By James Olangba Koroma/FACEBOOK)